Coming soon: a new site for researchers and practitioners interested in a social understanding of the design of new technologies its metadata and interaction.

At its core is the view that engagements across the areas of design and media needs to be varied, open and theoretically underpinned from a range of perspectives. The DigiLab is an interdisciplinary laboratory and will work with a range of partners in education, industry and government. The aim is to generate collaborations, continual professional development workshops, as well as contract research and consultancy that is practice-based, practice-led and/or applied in its methods. The DigiLab will provide a range of information sources, as well as enterprise and innovation ideas and outputs that aim to be both practical and radical in their conception. However big or small our ambitions are to challenge and poke at existing norms, their methods and digital attributes to understand what could be understood as social. Researchers at the DigiLab particularly enjoy engaging in projects that are deemed impossible, complex or messy. The DigiLab is not driven by the premise of a technology push but driven by a social understanding of current convergence issues across specialisms and technologies — be that involving metadata or designing online human-computer interactions.

The DigiLab works across design and media disciplines at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. The name DigiLab is intended to speak to our combined interest in the digital particularly new imaginings of science, metadata, complex visualisations, information architecture, audio and digital inscriptions, and the internet of things. This messy list of nouns, methods and things is not an exhaustive one but an anticipated expression of interest. The sort of stuff that leads us into the unknown rather than to narrowed specialisations and quick fix innovation strategies.

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